Useful information

Weather in Riga

The month of November is characterized by rapidly falling daily high temperatures, with daily highs decreasing from 7°C to 2°C over the course of the month, exceeding 11°C or dropping below -4°C only one day in ten.


Students will be accommodated in the hotel Maritim and team leaders will be accommodated in the hotel Monte Kristo.


The power supply voltage in Latvia is 220V, 50Hz, European-style 2-pin plugs.


The lats is the currency of Latvia. It is abbreviated as Ls. The lats is sub-divided into 100 santīmi. In June 2013, Latvia was assessed to have met all the economic conditions for euro entry, and the lats will be replaced by the euro on 1 January 2014. All prices are given in lats and euros but you can pay only in lats. The most commonly used credit cards for paying in Latvian hotels, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets are EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, VISA, JCB, DINER'S CLUB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, EUROCHEQUE, stored-value cards issued by Latvian banks, as well as you can use services of the national banks for withdrawing money from your account, or you can withdraw money from cash machines (ATMs).

Public transportation

The Riga Transport Company (Rigas Satiksme) has introduced an Electronic Ticketing System onboard all Trolleybuses, Trams and Buses. The system operates using a microchip Smart Card. Each passenger must use their own Smart Card. The ticket must be presented to a ticket reader onboard each car and the GREEN light must show up. Ticket that is included in the participant’s package is usable for 10 trips in Trolleybus, Tram or Bus.